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Stay Well, and Together We Can Rise

Westin is a place where you don't just get up, you rise. And now, more than ever, we want you to rise with confidence.

As part of Marriott International's family of brands, we have implemented a multi-pronged approach to meet the health and safety requirements of our "Commitment to Clean" standards.
Here are some of the key changes you can expect from your stay at Westin.

For a restorative and fulfilling stay, we want to provide you with all the details regarding changes to our services, amenities and facilities during this time.

Find your balance. Your Westin team is here to help you be your best.
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Hotel Information

For more information on Marriott's Commitment to Cleanliness, please visit our corporate site.
Providing a safer environment for our guests and associates is a top priority. Achieving this is a shared responsibility. Please join us in our efforts to enhance the safety of our public spaces by complying with local regulations, practicing social distancing (staying at least 6 feet or 2 meters from other guests and hotel associates), and wearing face coverings whenever you're in indoor public areas of the hotel. We do appreciate your support and understanding.
  • All associates should be able to inform inquiring guests of the hotel's preventative measures in place for COVID-19 or other services that guests may require
  • Maintain a distance of 2 meters between associates by:
    • Use of signage to remind associates
    • Add physical barriers
    • Place floor markers to indicate proper spacing
    • Use struts
    • Rearrange the seats
    • Space exercise equipment or place any other unit out of service
  • Temporarily adjust the 15/5 rule to maintain appropriate social distancing
  • Guarantee the availability of disinfecting materials (wipes, spray, etc.) upon request and at the reception
  • The Reception Modules must be protected by acrylic barriers, taking care of the interaction between the reception partner and the guests.
  • Consider single-use room keys if available
  • All associates must monitor and help enforce cleanliness and social distancing requirements, which include ensuring gatherings, furniture, and other items are spaced on the property and promote social distancing activities.
  • Redesign furniture assembly in common areas to maintain distance
  • Offer space reservations where appropriate to promote distance
  • Eliminate any communal items (brochures, food, candy, etc.)
  • Reduce/adjust hours and capacity of the business center.
  • Limit occupancy of guests in common areas to allow for distance and continuous sanitation from high contact areas
  • Post elevator signage to encourage social distancing and limit elevator capacity
  • Limit the number of entrances to the hotel if appropriate to control guests.
  • Valet Parking associates must wear the appropriate PPE, use plastic to cover the wheels and properly disinfect the vehicle before returning the guest
  • Leave additional wipes for guest use.
  • Consider implementing Bell Service self-service when possible: Disinfect hood carts after each guest use. Floors must be swept regularly to keep cars.
  • Disinfect all guest luggage before storing or delivering.
Document steps to limit guest room entry during stay and align with Marriott International guidelines for cleaning services.
Define procedures for in-room meals and guest amenities without entering the room.

Every guest room is thoroughly cleaned and disinfected prior to your arrival. During your stay, we will not provide housekeeping automatically every day. If you wish to receive daily housekeeping refresh service, please let us our guest services team know. We will be happy to make schedule service according to your preferences. Please note that if you are staying with us a bit longer, we will automatically clean your guest room after every 6th night.
  • Create a cleaning "steps" card for all housekeepers to wear as part of their uniform using info graphics along with text so they can answer guest questions about cleaning processes.
  • Adjust the cleaning service model according to the guest's choice with the options:
    • Limited service every 2-3 days
    • Full service
    • Without service
  • Limit the number of rooms occupied on a single floor.
  • When there is availability, strip the guest room and leave it unoccupied for 24/48/72 hours before cleaning and placing it in the Empty Inspected state

We are committed to making the amenities and services at our property available to you while complying with local regulations, including guidance on reducing capacity in public spaces and reinforcing social distancing. The modifications we have made include:


  • Westin Workout: Not available due health contingency
  • Heavenly Spa: Not available due health contingency
  • M&E Venues: Available with limited capability, setup and cleanliness/safety protocols
The execution of the F&B offers must be defined, aligned with the social distancing and cleaning protocols for the stay of the guests and the execution of meetings and events.
Options include Grab and Go, prepackage, and limited menu or departure offerings based on hotel occupancy and guest needs.
Eliminate and offer alternative options for any shared use items that cannot be cleaned after guest use (for example, ice machine with containers and food displays)

1. Evaluate restaurant and IRD menus and limit offerings to those items that maintain presentation and quality standards when served in take out containers.
2. IRD to transition to a la cart dinner with limited menus to start, using the touch and back delivery method
3. Buffets are eliminated and guests avoid self-service in the Concierge lounge
4. Follow all local, state, or other guidance on the social distancing and spacing of restaurant guests for both setup and ongoing execution of F&B operations. Use floor markings, signage, and furniture placement to ensure compliance.
5. The use of menus is replaced by QR codes and menus. Menu options may include; disposable single-use menus, whiteboards digitally using QR codes.
6. Clean (disinfect) menus after each seat, including digital
7. Disinfect furniture after each meal period; clean all tables and chairs with disinfectant between clients
8. Disinfect all food preparation tables every 2 hours.
9. Disinfect all food preparation tables every night and rinse in the morning.
10. Reduced seating area: the Host is essential to ensure adequate spacing (eliminate bar stools, table and chair space, seating limit on communal tables)
11. Adjust hours of operations and encourage advance reservations for
controllability and flow: consider an area for overflow seating
during peak hours / seasons
12. Implement queuing procedures for rush hours when diners cannot be seated immediately. The Hostess station will be arranged in a way that guests do not wait in line to enter the restaurant.
13. Make sure the servers are aware of social distancing and limit the amount of time spent at each table. Hostess, supervisors, and managers must manage physical distancing at entrances, waiting areas, and queues (in addition to support signage).
14. Remove all presets to include china, glass, menus, and condiments
15. Offer rolled, prepackaged, or single-use cutlery.
16. Deploy single-use condiments and dispensing stations (straws, napkins)
17. Encourage Grab & Go Options
18. If unopened individual condiments are reused, they must be disinfected
19. Eliminate self-service meals when possible and follow all guidelines
20. as they relate to the buffet service (see Events Guide) 21. Promote the à la carte restaurant service: discard buffet
22. Disinfect your hands after every drink / order for the diner
23. Move all decorations / glass or other items available for contact with diners.
24. Remove sliced ​​fruits / side dishes from areas within reach of guests.
25. Reduce glassware stored in bars; rinse all glasses before making drinks
26. Sanitize cocktail equipment and sanitized bar tools with soap / water after each use
27. When handling cash, credit cards and identification, associates should sanitize their hands after interacting with diners.
28. Continuous disinfection of areas and equipment using approved chemicals.
29. Replace all disposable placemats.
30. Placemats that can be machine washed and sanitized after each use 31. Cover all food that comes out of the kitchen.
32. Consider using high-grade single-use napkins
33. Consider adding a sneeze guard in front of the Hostess podium
Marriott Bonvoy Member Benefits: We are committed to delivering the Marriott Bonvoy benefits for your membership level. Thank you for your understanding in cases where we may have to offer an alternative. Marriott Bonvoy members are invited to use the Marriott Bonvoy App (available on the App Store and Google Play) to take advantage of contactless options, including:
  • Mobile Check-In/Check-Out: Let us know via the app when you are planning to arrive and once you departed.
  • Mobile Key: Forgo the front desk altogether and go straight to your guest room
  • Mobile Dining: Order your private, in-room dining through the app.
  • Mobile Guest Requests: Connect with us via the app to request items you would like delivered to your guest room.

Not a Marriott Bonvoy member? Enroll here.

Available benefits vary by location and membership tier. At this hotel, please note that we currently offer the following Marriott Bonvoy benefits:


  • Breakfast: Due contingency this service will be available at Brooklyn restaurant
  • Welcome Gift: Delivered according to Marriott Bonvoy benefits and membership level
  • Late Check-Out: Subject to availability according to Marriott Bonvoy benefits and membership level
  • Mobile Check-In/Check-Out: Let us know via the app when you are planning to arrive and once you departed.
  • Mobile Key: Forgo the front desk altogether and go straight to your guest room.